••Alexander Phoenix, gods gift to women •• (000_phoenix) wrote in 000_fakerstuff,
••Alexander Phoenix, gods gift to women ••

Faking with celebrity pics

Lately, Ive been trying to find a new faker, since I was quite bored with my old one. I used the pictures of a celebrity not well known in my country and life is wonderfull using a celebs pics! Tons of pics (ok only use ones that are NOT from photoshoots, on stage etc) and hes very goodlooking :-) (wondering if I should post him here, now hes quite out of use)

Now Ive been using 2 new celebs, both from the songfestival and NOONE seems to remember them either. Very funny. Anyhow, if you see some passing by, its probably me ;-)

Isnt he cute?

(the other one im not posting yet)
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