••Alexander Phoenix, gods gift to women •• (000_phoenix) wrote in 000_fakerstuff,
••Alexander Phoenix, gods gift to women ••

your help needed

yesterday ive been kicked of a site, and i need to have a salute to prove im real. I used (on purposely photoshop-made) vague pictures on the site, so it doesnt matters really if the guy who in is the picture looks much like my faker, but I wondered if someone here, a boy, could make me a salute, ill make ur face blurred too and edit it in photoshop to make the face shape and hair some like my faker (or photoship his face over it, if the pic is right for it), but it needs to have a certain text and be in the bathroom mirror.
I would be very gratefull for anyone who would help me :-)

i havent had trouble with salutes before, but since the site im on is small, i rather make a salute, than retry with other pics of the same faker
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