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The pro's and cons of faking, how to make a good faker

•••All about how to be a good faker •••
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About the website
On the world wide web there are lots of webpages against chatfakers.
How to recognise them, lists of the most common fakers, tips for chatting. But none about how to do it really well, or about how much fun chatfaking is!
Yeah we all know the very obvious (sorry excuses of) fakers in the chatrooms and sometimes faking someone can be not so nice. But don't we all have those days we just like to see things from an other side?
What would it be like to play a man or a woman, older or younger than you are, of just very, very goodlooking?
So all you need now is some information on how do you make a really good, popular, failproof faker. And here you are...

These subjects will be featured in the upcoming weeks:
- how to make a really good faker
- the good excuses that work
- photo editing, links to faker websites, voice changer software
- discuss the cons and pro's of faking and how to keep it interesting

INDEX of TIPS (till so far)

The simple basics part 1: photos
  • Information on choosing the photos
  • Choosing the photo's - some of my own examples (friends only)
  • Where to find good pictures for your faker - tips and tricks (friends only)

    The simple basics part 2: a step further
  • Your fakers life and personality (friends only)
  • Making them more believable: the extra website(friends only)
  • How to play em really good: add ons (with examples)

    NOTE: about half of the posts are 'friends only', to read the better stuff you should be a member of the community.

    The moderator: 000_Phoenix
    English is not the native language of the moderator, some language mistakes may be made. If you find any, you can mail the to the moderator

    And last but not least, the rules, rights and usefull information:
    - no spamming
    - joining with a faker account is allowed, but your faker will show up in the friends list. If you don't want your faker to be 'outed' as a fake, you can make a new account to join. Some people have joined this community just to 'out' fakers so be warned.
    - 'friends only' posts are allowed. Use them for telling about your fakers etc if you don't want everyone to read it. If you like to tell about fakers which are still in use, don't put any info about them in it which would make them easy to track down.
    - If you're againt faking or like to discuss with us about it you can do so in the discussion about hurting people topic Comments on this topic in other posts will be deleted. 'I hate you' posts and things like that will be deleted too.

    This brand new community accepts both expercienced fakers and newbies.

    This community is only meant to explain about 'how to make a faker'. It is not allowed to use any of this information for faking on livejournal. It is not allowed to post any links to fake livejournals unless they have a disclaimer in them saying it is a fake livejournal.