urstalker (urstalker) wrote in 000_fakerstuff,

why i do it

the funny thing is i dont fake to waste my time. I went to visit my friend at a clinic thing and when i was sitting there the person was tell us that faking can help in many ways. it can change ur life veiw. like u can fake to be a cheerleader and people will think u r and u will find out life for chearleaders have their bad parts. Or you can fake to be an oposite gender and find out how they work. or u can find out how fakers work. I do it for all those reasons.
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yup very true
faking has amongst many things shown me how nice some people are, and also how much some people arent. faking makes it easy to try many things in real uve never would and has given me quite some personal insight too. i used to play someone quite dumb and talk with many dumber ppl, it gives good social insight, since when very dumb ppl are lying, it happens more obvious too. but outside that, it also is just fun sometimes, it depends a bit on the type of faker ;-)
exactly... im glad someone understands